Dry eye syndrome occurs as a result of insufficient tear production, which leads to an inadequate lubrication of the eye necessary to maintain a healthy eye surface. The condition may present with chronic symptoms such as irritation and discomfort, dryness, and sensitivity to light. Other factors which can induce the condition include age, environmental conditions, certain medications and long-term use of contact lenses. Advanced dry eye syndrome can damage the surface layer of the eye with the potential to impair vision. The dry eye syndrome affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide and may have a relevant influence on their daily life. For a long time there have been no effective therapies to treat it with stable and durable effects. A wide variety of lubricating eye drops and ointments are available to sufferers of dry eye. HSEH employs the latest diagnostic equipment and treatment available, including the Rexon-Eye treatment.

Rexon-Eye® is a non-invasive device that provides durable treatment for all forms of dry eye syndromes. It works by applying low-power high-frequency electric fields, capable of stimulating the metabolism and natural regeneration of cells. The treatment itself is comfortable, pleasant and relaxing.

Rexon-Eye® treats the cause of the dry eye disease delivering long-term results. The instrument is successfully applied and highly appreciated worldwide by ophthalmologists and optometrists who treat dry eye patients at their practices, dry-eye centers or hospitals.

The treatment addresses all types of the dry eye syndromes, both evaporative as well as aqueous deficient, as evidenced by published studies in several subjective and objective measurements.

Treatment for dry eye needs to be tailored to its cause and a multipronged approach works best for chronic dry eye sufferers – it all adds up!

One of the newest technologies in dry eye management is Rexon-Eye therapy. The typical treatment involves four 20-minute sessions, one week apart.  A treatment mask is placed over your closed eyes and Quantum Molecular Resonance (QMR) technology is used to stimulate and regenerate the glands responsible for producing your tear film. The treatment is pleasant and relaxing.

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