Rexon-Eye Treatment HSEH

Rexon-Eye dry eye treatment

is used to treat the cause of the dry eye disease, delivering long-term results.


Now available for patients at Harley Street Eye Hospital

What are the main benefits of the Rexon-Eye® Dry Eye Treatment

There are many reasons why patients opt for the Rexon-Eye® Dry Eye Treatment:

  • The therapy allows long-term benefits for the patient, which typically begins just after the treatment.

  • The therapy is successful for all types of dry eyes syndromes, both evaporative and aqueous deficient.

  • Rexon-Eye therapy provides durable, long-lasting benefits, due to its regenerative properties. It is effective for all kinds of dry eye syndromes, meaning it won't matter if yours is caused by evaporative or aqueous deficient reasons, you're covered.

Rexon-Eye is a form of treatment for those suffering from chronic dry eye syndrome.

It is a non-invasive device that applies low-power high-frequency electric fields on top of your closed eyes. It fits like an eye mask, and with a treatment of four, 20 minute sessions once a week, it is a very comfortable and effective way to solve any dry eye problem.

Rexon-Eye Treatment HSEH
Rexon-Eye Treatment HSEH

How does it the treatment work?

The treatment stimulates the metabolism and natural regeneration of cells both in the lacrimal glands and meibomian glands.

Following the full treatment, the regenerated glands will insure the efficient production of natural tears and lipid in the eye.


How long does the treatment take?

The therapy consists of 4 treatment sessions of 20 minutes each, at one week intervals. There is no downtime or restrictions following a session of Rexon-Eye.

Rexon-Eye Treatment HSEH


Rexon-Eye Treatment HSEH


Rexon-Eye Treatment HSEH


How does the Rexon-Eye treatment work?

This Rexon-Eye treatment is delivered by contact electrodes built in a mask, which is worn by the patient over closed eyes. The device setup is really easy and intuitive.

The operator only needs to select the power and the duration of the treatment, simply by turning a rotary knob and then pressing it to confirm.The benefits for the patient begin just after the treatment and have been shown to be long-term. The treatment itself is comfortable, pleasant and relaxing.

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