Half the UK population not getting regular check-ups & 1 in 5 are completely unaware of Glaucoma.

Specialist eye consultant and founder of Harley Street Eye Hospital, Vik Sharma, is a leading mind in eye care in the UK and globally and has commissioned a National Eye Health Survey* to highlight the importance of regular check-ups, raise awareness of glaucoma, cataracts and other diseases that can impact vision and make the public aware of new and innovative solutions for eye care.

The extensive survey has highlighted that nearly half (48%) of the UK public do not have regular eye tests and 1 in 5 are completely unaware of Glaucoma and why regular eyesights are so important. These numbers are hugely concerning and the leading eye consultant advises everyone to be tested once a year, and if you are over 40s and/ or if you have a family history of glaucoma then regular tests are even more important. Anyone with Glaucoma should be checked twice a year.

Glaucoma is a serious life-changing disease that can threaten your vision and impact your daily life. It is the leading cause of blindness and can cause permanent damage to your eyes if it goes undetected. It’s estimated that 1 in 50 people will develop Glaucoma over 40 but it can strike anybody of any age and about 50% of glaucoma diagnoses are missed due to non-attendance and lack of screening.

In recent years there have been advances in glaucoma detection, which means it can be treated earlier than ever so it’s important to get your eyes checked at least once a year particularly if you’re over the age of 40. The leading clinic specialises in innovative technology to diagnose, monitor and treat Glaucoma.

Consultant Vik Sharma, commented, “Many don’t believe they need to visit their optician unless they see a noticeable change in their eyesight and are unaware that a regular test can pick up undetected diseases such as glaucoma and other health issues.

It is hugely concerning to see nearly half the UK population not getting regular check-ups and millions being totally unaware of Glaucoma.

Some people may have medical conditions and hereditary traits that can increase the chances of having glaucoma, this is a disease that can strike anybody so it’s important to get your eyes checked at least once a year.“

The Harley Street Eye Hospital is a world-leading eye care clinic and offers some of the latest innovative techniques that are exclusive to the clinic. All consultants hold Fellowships FRCOphth with the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. The centre was founded by Mr Sharma who is a surgeon to royalty and the trusted choice of professional colleagues including doctors, GPs and eye surgeons.

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