can I go blind from glaucoma? harley street eye hospital
April 8, 2024 Can I go blind from Glaucoma?

The risk of blindness from glaucoma can be reduced significantly with early detection and appropriate treatment. Glaucoma is a progressive eye condition...

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Dry, itchy eyes - HSEH - Ophthalmology
March 4, 2024 Dry, itchy eyes.

Dry, itchy eyes can interfere with even the most mundane tasks, like driving to work or even watching your favourite television show....

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Life with cataracts - Harley Street Eye Hospital
October 4, 2023 Life with cataracts

We all depend on clear vision whether we have perfect eyesight or have to wear contact lenses and glasses. Some eye changes...

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glaucoma facts - hseh
September 6, 2023 Glaucoma facts

Glaucoma is a term that describes a condition in which ocular pressure mounts. This pressure can inflict damage on the optic nerve,...

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brown and black fur on white ceramic plate
February 1, 2023 • 0 Comments Hydrus Glaucoma Treatment

Hydrus Glaucoma Treatment Hydrus is one of the MIGS – minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries. This technique works by reducing the pressure in...

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