Pterygium surgery

What is a pterygium?

Whether cosmetic of for discomfort, surgery will result in a whiter, more comfortable eye.

About ptergyium surgery

A Pterygium can occur following excessive sun exposure over time, particularly if exposure occurred during childhood. A Pterygium can result in loss of vision and sight.

Whilst the Pterygium growth itself is usually harmless, they often cause problems due to their location on the eye. They may cause discomfort and irritation, as well as a feeling of dry eyes. Sometimes, eyedrops can help with keeping the area moist but will not remove or reduce the size of a Pterygium.

Pterygium is believed to be caused by the sun's damaging ultra violet light. Wearing sunglasses during childhood may help reduce the risk. This protects eyes from the sun's damaging ultra violet light (and yes it is even present on cloudy days). It is also a good idea to keep eyes moist, especially in dry conditions.



Surgical treatment of Pterygium is effective in treating the discomfort and vision disturbance caused by the growth.

The surgery

A graft is used during surgery which reduces the likelihood of recurrence of the Pterygium. The surgery is performed under topical anaesthetic (eyedrops only) and takes 30-40 minutes. Each treatment is tailored to give you the very best results, with restoration of a white, comfortable eye.

The recovery

Recovery from Pterygium surgery is quick. A dressing or eye patch is worn for a couple of days before daily activities are resumed. Steroid eyedrops post-surgery prevent recurrence and reduce inflammation. Patients are closely monitored for up to 12 months to help reduce recurrence.